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Hair Straightening Treatments Sydney

Straightening Treatments | Japanese Hair Straightening - Hair Salon | Hair Dressers | Savvy Hair Boutique, Sydney City CBD

At Savvy Hair Boutique, our hair dressers can offer a range of hair straightening and smoothing
treatments to suit your needs like no other hair salons can!


Keratin Hair Treatment


Keratin hair treatment improves hair quality, leaving hair soft and shiny while reducing frizz.

The Keratin Hair Taming System now contains the most beneficial keratin proteins possible, which deeply recondition and repair the hair whilst still leaving it bouncy and soft.


Keratin hair treatment unlike other chemical treatments and relaxers, can be used on all hair types,
excellent for getting rid of curly, frizzy hair and especially good for over processed and chemically
treated hair to nourish, improve the condition and reduce frizz. 

Before Keratin Hair Treatment 1 After Keratin Hair Treatment 1



 Before Keratin Hair Treatment 2 After Keratin Hair Treatment 2



Why Choose Keratin Hair Treatment?

  • Unlike other chemical treatments and relaxers, keratin hair treatment can be used on all hair types.
  • It is an effective way to manage curly and frizzy hair.
  • Keratin hair treatment is a preferred solution to nourish and improve the condition of over processed and chemically treated hair.
  • Keratin hair treatment is not permanent; the keratin naturally fades out of the hair. The wave or curl will gradually come back in about 3-4 months and the hair will stay soft, shiny and healthy. The more you do the keratin hair treatment, the better condition of the hair becomes. Keratin hair treatment makes the hair more manageable, requiring less blow-drying time. 


    Japanese Straightening

    Japanese Hair Straightening

    Japanese hair straightening uses heat to restructure the bonds in your hair so the hair lies straight giving you glossy, smooth, shiny, straight hair that requires hardly any blow drying.


    The Japanese hair straightening process produces stunning results that can last from six to ten months before repeating process on regrowth and through the help of expert hair dressers, ends of hair remain permanently straight.


    Savvy Sleek Relaxing Treatment


    Savvy Sleek is a revolutionary Relaxing treatment that is exclusive to Savvy Hair Boutique .

    You'll achieve smooth, manageable, healthy, soft and shiny hair, that can last up to 4 months. The restorative properties in "Savvy Sleek" leaves the hair feeling soft to the touch, its violet pigment protects and tones blonde hair and coloured hair.

    The treatment works from the inside , out to rebuild and reconstruct even the most brutally damaged and unruly hair, the difference between "Savvy Sleek" and other commercial smoothing products is that it is formaldehyde free and will not make your colour fade.

    "Savvy Sleek" is highly recommended for all hair types especially frizzy, to coarse and afro hair. This reduce all frizz completely and makes your hair up to 90% straight without making your hair flat.

    Why choose SAVVY SLEEK?

    "Savvy Sleek" Composed of amino acid, argan oil and keratin ensuring strong hair without frizz and looks absolutely natural.

    Savvy Sleek is formaldehyde free and is full of protein which will give your hair a deep nourishing unique shine. Home matinence is minimal, no waiting period before washing.




    (with every full head of extensions)

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